Its been awhile ...

July 6, 2009
Since my first blog post on this site, but here we go with a new one. Since last time, much has changed, but most especially in my raw food journey. For a while there I was heading more than I wanted back into the world of cooked food, but now I am back on track.

What inspired me and how did I do it? Well partly the move to a new job, and having some time off in between finishing one role and starting the new one. The time to myself gave me an opportunity to reboot my eating, and immerse myself in some great information. What I immersed myself in was some of Dr Ann Wigmore's work - her autobiography "Why Suffer" and another book called "Conversations with Dr Flora" - answers to questions by Dr Flora who was Ann Wigmore's assistant at the Hippocrates Health Institute for 22 years.

Wonderful and inspiring information that got me right back on the raw path. If you want to receive the links to these two free e-books, just post a comment below, or email me at

Note that I have also decided some dates for a couple of new classes at the end of July and one in August - book soon, as places are limited.

Promise to post again soon.


Opening up my first raw blog!

March 9, 2009
Since i don't have masses of time right now, i just wanted to dip my toe in the water with the very first blog page for my new website. So hi! Nice to see you here visiting and i look forward to your comments and questions about raw food and anything else to do with a living foods lifestyle.

I have lots of info to share and some wonderful people to connect you to if you are looking for some company on your raw foods journey. Most importantly I want to say, never be afraid to ask ... there are ...
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I am a passionate advocate of the raw foods lifestyle - eating wonderful, fresh, delicious foods as nature intended them, for the benefit of our health and overall wellbeing. I have been on the raw foods journey since October 2007 and look forward to you joining me.



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